Changes in this HTML version

  1. Fixed the anchor issue with sub-chapters.
(Thanks go to Jocelyn for this set of changes, lots of SEO work)
  1. Fixed the minor banner faux pas on the License page.
  2. Updated each page description to provide higher relevancy to the actual page content
  3. Reduced font size to reduce the amount of scrolling
  4. Split chapters up into their own subchapters, to further reduce the scrolling and to improve the content indexed by spiders.
(Many thanks to Alan Hoyle and Brian Scearce for their help with this version)
  1. Fixed missing ending-quote characters on all chapters and indices.
  2. Removed unnecessary use of — and – entities, replaced with 7-bit equivalents.
  3. Fixed/removed unnecess-ary use of hy-phen charac-ters in words that don't co-ntain them (The original PDF wrapped the lines with hyphens, these have been "unwrapped" now).
  4. Replaced 'word;word' with 'word; word' to be gramatically correct. Same with comma and colon characters splitting word boundaries.
  5. Found and fixed several places where annotations were broken.
  6. Updated the "smashed italics" problem, where italic words were run up against the beginning of follow-on words. Also fixed the overpadding of italic words.
  7. Replaced the use of id attributes with name attributes for the braindead viewers who don't handle properly-compliant HTML. (TomeRaider, TealDoc, iSilo, Adobe Acrobat)
  1. Removed quote entities from HTML output, reduced aggregate document size by ~10%.
  2. Replaced the incorrect grammar with periods and end-of-sentence semantics (previously was "...end of a sentence.Begin another").
  3. Fixed broken annotations, which were incorrectly listed as < sub> Xx</sub> instead of < sup> Xx</sup>.
  4. Unwrapped long lines in upstream XHTML for easier management of the content.
  5. Added keywords for better indexing (for those search engines which support it).
  6. Restructured the entry and introduction page.
  7. Cleaned up the incorrect use and grammar of the ellipsis (there was no trailing space after its use).
  8. Renamed each upstream page in the XHTML to follow a proper logical procession from the previous and next pages.
  9. Corrected incorrect balancing of < i> (italics) tags.
  10. Added missing & amp; entities in the Notes pages.
  11. Corrected language encoding to meet UTF-8 instead of the default iso-8859-1 encoding.
  1. Converted all 567 pages to HTML by hand, including indenting the content and properly nesting all tags and attributes
  2. Validated every page in the document and corrected as necessary to meet w3c guidelines.
  3. First version of the 9/11 Commission Report released in Plucker format.
  4. Announced release on the Plucker website, PalmGear, MemoWare, and Usenet newsgroups.


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